2011. január 6., csütörtök

some notes....

funny how feelings can grow in people... and funy too how it can change everything in you if you hug somebody important in your life... sometimes these little things can blew away everything from your mind :)
but.... yes.... there are perfect moments when no words needed! and that was the point where i found out.... nearly everything... throw every little piece of mess from the mind... just take care of the things of heart.... if you need a hug or get one, just enjoy, don't think about 'why's' and 'And's' and 'how about our future'  shits!!
just enjoy the moment when you are a part of somebody's life :)
so yes... there are perfect moments!!!! :)
(that was somekind of it what i felt yesterday evening :) )

so... another little note.... i saw the 8th class.... they are preparing for the Ball.. and the dancing a lot...
so today i saw them while they were practicing... it was funny and a bit cruel.... funny because they don't go after feelings and music.... they just looking at their feet.... :D
cruel.. because i never felt that way that i would like to dance with somebody in this way with deep eye contact, in perfect suits... perfect music...... hm... i get older and older.... and there are many things that i never try ut myself in.... maybe it's time to change my way of life?? :D

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